Video Poker

Poker is a game that offers enjoyable experiences to poker players. Video poker in online casinos is one of the most popular casino games online – to play this game, one requires a strong element of skill since it is technical and it also provides the opportunity for winning real money. The game is mobile-friendly, you can play the game using any smart Tablet, PC or mobile phone.

The Best Online Casinos that offer Video Poker

If you are looking to play video poker online for money, this is your best shot. We offer our visitors a rich selection of video poker games they can start playing right away, and also, saving them the stress of searching all over the internet for poker games.

On this page, you’ll find the best selection of online casino video poker games that you can leverage on for entertainment and prize-winning.

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How we chose the best Video Poker Online Casinos

Before endorsing any poker game site for our visitors, we take the time to thoroughly scrutinize the site. There are seas of websites that offer casino video poker games, but not all of them are genuine, some poker sites have been blacklisted already, due to the negative report people have given about them, and a lot more are yet to be revealed. Before recommending any video poker site for our users, we spend time monitoring the reviews/statements made by other players about the site, ensuring that they live up to the laws and values of poker games. We ensure that the site is licensed and regulated by a standard body. We also check their online ranking, security profile, and bonus offers. We take the responsibility of selecting the best reliable poker game site you can play on without panicking.

Video Poker rules and how players can play online

To emerge as a great player in poker, you need to be familiar with techniques and rules that govern poker games. Poker games are a bit different from every other casino game, it offers significantly greater odds of winning, unlike other internet slot games. However, it’s natural to want to compare poker games to slots, and basically, both games have a history of being played on machines that look alike. The truth is the game has their differences, though seemingly unnoticeable.

For the traditional slot games, you will have to insert a coin into a machine, but in poker, the player will have to sit down on a table to play. Whether you are seated or standing, you won’t lose the thrill and excitement that comes with playing the game.

Today, both games are widely played virtually, and the online version has its special rules.

For rules under Jack or better, a player, whether online or offline, must belong to the casino’s players club before inserting money into the video poker machine. There is no associated sign up fee, and you stand a chance of earning points as you play which can be converted to cash later.

To smash the Jacks or Better video poker game, here’s what you need to do: discover the games that have good payables, 9/6 or more. Your gaze must be fixed on the maximum pointer. When you bet five coins per hand, you can stand a chance of winning the total flush, which is the Jackpot. This is the simple tactic of winning the jack and better video poker.

To play poker, you must first insert 1 to 5 coins in the machine to place your bet. After that, 5 cards will show up on the screen, and your expectations will be to make the best poker hand from those cards.

There is such a thing as the Double-Up Bet rules in poker. And this feature exists both in the land based video poker and the online version. Usually, when the player loses the double-up bet, all the credits he has acquired will go to the winning hand.

There are many other tips and instructions on how to play video poker games, you will get to master them as you progress in the game.

What bonuses online casinos provide for Video Poker players

Video Poker offers bonuses that absolutely make you feel really lucky; it’s just like taking home a lot of cash without even putting down any cash. To benefit from these great bonuses, you will be required to activate your bonus packages. And guess what, you can either play multi-hand games, or single-play games, which is less risky. In the standard single-play game, a player only gets to play one game at a time, the opposite is the case for the multi-hand games, meanwhile, the single-hand games have lesser variance.

Here’s how bonuses work in Video poker

Choose your preferred game, select your bonus package, then deposit small money and win a big one! Each of the Video poker games offers their unique bonuses; Jacks or Better is more soothing for beginners, but they offer very low payouts. The Aces and Faces game is just like Jack or Better, but an additional benefit is awarded for a Four of a Kind hand with Face cards and Aces. Deuces Wild is a unique kind of video poker game that adds an additional wild spin to the standard hands, while the two-card combinations change into Wild cards. Players win three extra prizes for a Four of a Kind Deuces, Wild Royal Flush and Five of a Kind hands.
You will most likely discover two kinds of special bonuses in Video poker:

  • Video Poker No Deposit Bonus – in this type, no real money deposit is required. Once you register on their platform, your deposit will reflect instantly. The account will be recharged with a certain amount of bonus credit
  • Video Poker Bonus – this option demands initial deposit, although the free cash gotten is usually higher than the real money deposited. Bonus option provides you the opportunity to win more money, unlike the no deposit bonus option.

Video Poker FAQs

A 52-card deck is utilized in playing video poker, while five cards are dealt to the player. The concept of online poker is hugely inspired by traditional poker.

It’s always advisable to go for the Max. Playing maximum coin every time gives you the opportunity to get a bonus win, and also Jack or Better video poker jackpot payout is very high (for royal flush)

Technically, Yes. There is such a possibility for players to cheat on casino games, even the online version, you can be removed or disbanded on that platform when caught.

Out of the 99.64 % return, the royal flush rewards over 1.9807% for 9/6 Jacks or Better?

In major gaming centres, video poker games are not rigged. They are probably rigged in some unverified sites, but an authorized, legit video poker site can never be rigged.

Under full-pay settings, Jacks or Better, which happens to be the most common video poker, pays 9 tokens for every single token deposited on a full house and 5 tokens for every token placed on a flush.

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