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Most online casinos offer sign-up bonuses, as well as additional deposits, to new players who offer bonuses on their first deposit. Below you can see different kinds of bonuses that online casinos can offer for their players. Please choose a bonus that is suitable for you and you will find a list of casinos that provide this kind of bonuses. If you don’t know what bonus to choose, on this page you will find all the needed information about every bonus.

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Welcome Bonuses

Bonus is s a kind of deal, which involves a cost (which can justify persuading a new player to continue and deposit more often), because casinos must bet a certain minimum. Giving money in return for player commitment. The amount before withdrawing. Unstable conditions indicate that players cannot exit the casino with cash as soon as the incentives are earned and that all casino games have a home advantage. These betting requirements are usually kept very high, the player feels the worst, as if they had been credited, but did not claim the bonus.

In order to prevent low-level games from being played or to prevent ‘risk-free’ games (e.g., both red and kale betting on roulette), casinos may exclude such games without fulfilling the requirements of pandering, allowing them to be completed. Bet with the guaranteed reward after the incentive is applied.


Welcome Bonus is a deposit match bonus applicable to the first deposit of a casino or casino band. Packages used to cover the first two to three deposits also offer welcome discounts (first deposit welcome bonus, second deposit welcome bonus, etc.). . The casino can offer a welcome bonus to high rollers who make an initial investment beyond the normal overall cap.


There are two types of referral bonuses: one for referees and one for referrals. The referee is encouraged to create a casino account with the intention of becoming a referee. If the referee satisfies certain conditions, such as depositing the deposit and limiting it to a fixed period, then the referee can pay.

Cashback or premium

Cashback or Insurance bonuses are calculated as the ratio of pre-game support injuries to the player. This offer is usually only available for deposits that are not linked to any incentives. You can also find a casino cashback payment platform based on the risks involved in playing at one or more online casinos. These types of cashback prizes are usually given to players through casino sites that sell exclusive cashback offers.

Bonus without deposit

The most popular incentive is the no deposit bonus, for which the player must go ahead without spending money. Casinos use these allowances to attract potential buyers according to their purchasing policy. Any deposit incentive is not as common as real money, you can see below.

Sticky or “Phantom” perks are non-recurring awards. In all cases, the incentive is part of the player’s bank, but will not be cashed. When it comes to cash out, there is a clear difference between cashable and Phantom Rewards. Phantom perks are removed from a player’s record when he requests a return. For example, if you make a $ 100 deposit, you will receive $ 100, play $ 100 and end up with $ 150 after the bet. The player is only entitled to a $ 50 discount even if he is sticky. The full value of the gift will be eligible if it can be exchanged for cash.

Camps are usually only available at land-based casinos, although they can also be found online. Often, camp points are traded for dollars, gifts or other free. The amount of money available in the bet is usually very limited and varies for the game. For every $ 10 you spend on slots, you can win three camp points, and for every $ 10 you spend on casino blackjack, you earn other camp points. The casino must pay $ 1 for every 100 camp points. This is equivalent to betting 0.3 percent on slots and 0.1 percent on blackjack. Camps offers free admission to online tournaments, online slots, tickets to other special events, extra prizes, souvenirs and paybacks.


Bonus hunting (also known as bonus bagging or bonus version) is a mathematically beneficial approach to casino, sports book and poker room incentives. House lead, for example, is 0.5 percent in sticks. If a player is given a cash 100 cash bonus, he must bet $ 5000 on blackjack to win the win 5000, which is 0.5 percent of the edge of the house, and the loser $ 25. As a result, the player receives an additional $ 75 after winning the won 100 prize.


A large number of online gaming lawsuits focus on incentives. Casinos label players who make money with bonuses as “casino risk” and both players and casinos commit fraud. Player Manipulation Create multiple profiles and sometimes use multiple accounts to demand sign-up bonuses. In order to meet the player’s betting needs and adjust to the new incentive conditions, the criteria of the casino bribery agreement must be revised.

Fraud operator

Almost entirely in player advocacy blogs and forums, online casinos are suspected of dishonest behavior. The most common tactic is to refuse to give back to the winners. Many cases of criminal gambling in online casinos are considered rogue casinos by the online casino player culture.

Rogue Casino Blacklists are compiled from many casino poker sites and player profiles. While some blacklists are more dominant than others, they are all based on the personal opinions of webmasters and players rather than the official list of regulatory bodies.

Casinos use buffer platforms to divert guests to sign up for their services through reward deals or special advertising programs, rather than offering their casino games for free. Most of these shady “fast” locations are connected to equally shady casinos.

All existing online casinos allow free play in their casino games, but deciding whether the casino is trustworthy does not allow them to play for free.

Taking advantage of bonuses

Online casinos entice new customers with generous bonuses. The first rule of incentive is “still checking terms and conditions”, which also applies to casino bonuses. Examine the rollover conditions carefully, as they will indicate how much money you should bet on before removing a particular prize. Additionally, you can choose which games are available to enjoy.

For example, the casino allows betting on the White King or Wild gambler, but not on the hard slot desert treasure. It is always better to reduce the bonus and bet with your money, and then fulfill the obligation and cash in on the success.

There are three types of casino promotions:

  • No-cost bonus
  • Coefficient on Deposit
  • Submission and spin

Free incentives and exclusive deals are clearly less common and have larger rollovers of 60x, 100x, 200x or more, while bet deposits can be as small as 20x. The use of multipliers, chips and free spins has become more popular. You can get these bonuses by installing software, calling customer service or playing exclusive games on the official casino website.

To play the latest slot games, you win 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300 fs (free spins). Free chips are very cheap, selling only 2, 3, 4 or 5 credits, but they are enough to test your luck and have fun without paying your own money. Keep in mind that some promotions can be hourly, daily, weekly or more.

Another popular deal is the match bonus, in which Platech Casino gives you a percentage of your review along with your total balance. This means that if you take as little cash as possible, the casino will pay you the same amount as the promo. For example, if you get a receipt for 100 to 300 credits, you will spend 300 credits and get an additional 300 credits, giving you a total of 600 credits to play with. Contracts are often intertwined and used with multiple deposits. Modern online game platforms offer a variety of promotions, including:

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